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"No Child Left Behind"

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We Can Help

These are the only words a parent, loved one, or family member want to hear if or when their child goes missing. 

They want something solid to hang to.
Someone trusted to listen. 

Professionals with the calm and confidence to hold space for them in their crisis,  and have both the experience and full capacity to bring their child home. 

We understand that what we do is not simply a ‘case’ or a ‘project’ but is someone’s child. 

Someone’s life.

To re-unite families is what we do. 
To right the wrong is why we do it.

Children were born to be free.
Pegasus-Ops was born to free them. 

We can help. And so we do.

Our Experience & Expertise

Our company is founded on a vast history of operational experience, knowledge and specialized skill set specifically useful in all areas of personal security and child recovery, as well as industry and overall security both at home and abroad.


Our clients are those who trust us to serve them and in so doing receive the highest standard of service possible for as reasonable a cost as possible. 

We choose the correct team of personnel to match the budget, environment and expectation of the operation and all involved. 

Pegasus Ops have a diverse range of professional team members which include ex UK Armed Forces, as well as former UK police. All have extensive experience and specialized unique skill, but more importantly a deep desire to utilize both for this work.

Global Coverage

Though we predominately conduct and offer our services of investigations within the UK and Europe, when cases involve International abductions or have need for global reach, we are able and equipped to go or send our trained operators to anywhere on the planet. 

Over the past two decades we have established strong international networks and developed reliable, trusted partnerships around the world with many Expats and vetted national operators eager to help and be a part.


“The difficult is what takes a little time; the impossible is what takes a little longer..”


Proven Track Record

Courage takes practice and practice breeds confidence. Our confidence comes from our experience and results. 

Our entire focus is to achieve what we set out to achieve. To re-unite families, to bring children home and to offer safe and secure services to those who depend on it.


To exceed expectation and aim for nothing short of excellence in all we do.

We pride ourselves in our ability to provide solutions to the problem, whether it be security and safety when needed, or hope and help when our most precious is lost. 

We have proven to thrive and excel in the most difficult and challenging circumstances and plan to keep it up.

-Fully Confidential-

We truly understand the sensitive nature of what we do and its need for discretion and confidentiality. 

Only key members of the team and the personnel directly involved or working on your case will have access to any of information, and only that which is require to do their best work. 

We ensure that an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is in place for all involved before gathering or handling any of your personal information. We are also fully compliant with the current GDPR regulations.

24/7 Support

As clients and those in our charge, you   will have 24/7 access to our main Operations Centre.

You will be given a case manager specifically versed in your personal situation, who will be on hand at any time through out the entire process, in order to keep you updated on any and all progress and answer any and all questions that may arise. 

We know this can be a time of great unrest, so if you’re not sleeping, neither are we.





Missing children deserve every bit of hope they can get and you and your colleagues are people with good hearts. Thank you!

Andrew M.

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