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Over the last decade, Pegasus Ops has evolved and grown into the company that it is today.


Our Managing Director and Founder started working in child recovery in 2012 and was so dismayed by the entire industry as the companies that he was working for saw missing children as a way to charge families a lot of money to run operations with a modicum of success, often leaving families in financial ruin.

It didn’t take long before he stopped working for other companies and created Pegasus Ops as a way of developing the child recovery service to help families recover their children, by creating a crowd funding system to help all families to be reunited, regardless of their financial situation.

Founded in 2015, based out of Cyprus, Pegasus Ops was known as Pegasus Child Recovery. Primarily focussed on working missing persons and abducted children cases, Pegasus’ reputation grew internationally as one of the leading companies to deal with international abductions.  In 2018, the company expanded operations, moving into private investigations. 


In 2020, we moved our Head Office to the UK and have broadened our services even further, providing specialised protective security solutions to our clients internationally.

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