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International Parental Child Abduction

IPCA is when a parent runs away with their own child to a different country. Often mistake as a safe abduction due to the child being with a parent, however this is not always the case.


Before taking on an IPCA case, it has to be assessed as to why the abducting parent has ran away to ensure that we are not taking on a case where a parent is running away from a domestic abuse situation. Also, it is assessed as to whether the potential client (left behind parent) is hiring us to gain a situation of power of the abused.


These cases are very controversial and require a lot of details from courts and police before we take on these cases.


County Lines

County lines is more often than not, when a child has been groomed to smuggle drugs across county lines in order for them to be inserted into a crack den for them to then sell said drugs on.


Children are often from breadline families, grew up on a council estate with a single parent family and are enticed to work for the gang voluntarily by being offered gifts, small amounts of money that seem to be a lot for a child and the potential to live a good life whilst working their way to the top of the gang.


Online Grooming

Children are often groomed online for sexual gratification.


Whether that be by an individual or a larger grooming gang. They are psychologically manipulated to feel loved, wanted and put into a position where they believe the acts that they are asked to do is normal and fun.


Runaway Child

There are many reasons why a child might run away from home.

No matter what the reasons, we will launch a full investigation to find out why they ran and where they have gone to assist in bringing them ack home to safety.


Missing Child

A child can go missing at any time. There are multiple reasons for this, whether that be running away, being kidnapped by an individual or gang or by a parent that has taken that child away without permission.

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