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Pegasus-Ops features services to help with management and assessment of residential, commercial and/or business risk

Risk & Compliance Management

Our Risk and Compliance Managers have extensive experience in managing large projects and running security for large NGO and corporate clients internationally.

Implementing one of our managers into your organisation will ensure that your company is fully compliant across all security protocols. Providing dynamic risk assessments, business continuity plans and internal training, we ensure you are able to continuously grow as a company.

Business Risk Assessment

Every aspect of life is worthy of a risk assessment from looking at the weather before leaving the house to checking your tyres before driving a long distance.

Our Dynamic risk assessments cover a range of scenarios including, but not restricted to, your business, your home/estates, your travel plans or even your daily routine.

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“A child is a beam of sunlight from the Infinite and Eternal, with possibilities of virtue and vice, but as yet unstained.”


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