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Close Protection

In today’s unpredictable world, travelling diplomats, corporate executives, dignitaries, high-net-worth individuals, the media and celebrities are all in positions that involve significant risks.

At Pegasus Ops, we combine our expertise, experience, technical knowledge and management skills to provide a bespoke service in Close Protection, tailored to your specific requirements. Our operators are trained and licensed under the SIA licencing scheme in the UK and hail from a military, police or intelligence background.

We provide a safe environment in which you are able to focus on your business arrangements with the knowledge that all your security requirements are in place to minimise and control any unforeseen safety or security issues.

Pegasus Ops can provide male and female close protection specialists globally. Dependent on your requirements and the size of your travelling party our close protection teams or individual specialists can be deployed at short notice.

Protective Surveillance

With our experience of working in hostile environments around the world for NGOs and High Value entities over the last two decades, we have seen the course of change within Close Protection.

Some clients feel that a close protection team can draw unwanted attention to their movements.

This is why each individual client is assessed in order to create a bespoke service based on their own security needs.

Protective Surveillance is a form of covert close protection. Our highly trained operators provide a discreet, consistent and secure bubble. This form of protection is often used when our clients are out in public and do not want attention drawn to them or their families. Should our operators identify a potential threat, they will trace them discreetly, identify and take the necessary action.

Pegasus utilises a multi faceted approach to protection from the latest technology to methods and equipment that have been tried and tested in countless operations globally.

Penetration Testing

All businesses that exist in the modern world have some form of security infrastructure built into their everyday routines. Whether that be to the extent of hardened security on large installations or covert cameras in a retail store. Since these measures were implemented, how many times have they been put to the test?

At Pegasus Ops, we can create and implement a plan to test the reliability and efficiency of your internal security.

Penetration testing is the physical act of testing your security in order to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that a potential threat may use to cause harm to your company or its personnel.

Often used by the government to test private security companies and civil servants at government installations, Pegasus Ops can provide experienced operators with unique experiences to test your security beyond its limits. These tests are designed to simulate real world scenarios to demonstrate the impact of a malicious attack.

Static Security

With the world that we are living in today, security is paramount to ensure the safety of your organizations personnel and assets.

Our operators have trained under the SIA and with their experience and training combined can assist as first responders in a medical emergency as well as being able to identify potential threats before they happen.

We can provide security officers for:

Retail, Public Events, Personal Security, Residential Security, Asset Security and more.

Residential Security

Residential Security is a key asset to security for more and more families as the years go by.

Whether it be for a large estate or a private school, Pegasus Ops is able to provide a residential security team to ensure the safety and protection of your family, personnel on the grounds and property anywhere within the UK or abroad.

Once the initial Security Assessment of the property has been completed, we will be able to identify the most vulnerable areas of the property and produce recommended measures to be able to strengthen your security plan.

Choosing Pegasus Ops will give you the peace of mind when you sleep to know that the safety of you and your family is our number one priority.

Asset Tracking

High Value goods are transported along UK roads continuously day and night.

With the threat of hijackings primarily being against trucks, Pegasus Ops offers a service of protection and tracking of all of your assets, monitored by a 24-hour control room and followed with a quick response team nationwide and globally.

Using experience and methods utilized on international transits in hostile areas, we are able to incorporate this into our services for the UK.


“The Pessimist Sees Difficulty In Every Opportunity. The Optimist Sees Opportunity In Every Difficulty.”


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